Oberhasli Dairy Goats

   Carole retired in May of 2016 from the factory  production life and works full time as manager and head pooper scooper at End-of-the-Trail Farm.  Duane retired from a career as a CMM Programmer and Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing Instructor. He enjoyed mowing, creating scroll saw art pieces for goat shows and gifts and flying virtual airplanes. Unfortunately  Duane passed away in August of 2019 he is greatly missed.  The three grandkids have moved on to full time jobs that keep them busy and lives of their own but they help out on the farm when asked and assistance is needed.       

      Today we maintain a small herd averaging 10 adult does and 2 bucks. I cull annually to maintain this herd size. I have participated in Linear Appraisal and enjoy being a member of Indiana State DHIR milk testing. We enjoy showing the herd in several Open Shows around Indiana and western Ohio. Our grand kids Lacy, Shane and Tyler help out around the farm and show whenever they can.  ​
     2020 has been the year for cancellations.  All of our regular open goat shows and linear appraisal were all cancelled due to the Covid 19 virus Pandemic.  The herd stayed home and were happy to be calm and healthy with lots of browsing in the pastures.  I too have enjoyed the stress-free time and less work of not showing.   So far the DHIR Milk testing did continue on for the 21st continuous year. 
   2022 milk testing ended, cost, lack of interest and all the rules being put forth.

       We saw our first Oberhasli at an open show in Wilmington, Ohio on Memorial Day Week-end 1992 and fell in love with the breed. Two weeks later we purchased an Oberhasli buck kid, JKC Yellow Rose Siders Cheyene, at the Hoosier Classic Open Show in Indianapolis. Then in July a doe kid Field 'O' Green Freckles was brought home. They were bred together but, she didn't settle the first year, and the second year she delivered twin bucks. I decided to buy some does so I could start showing goats. Eventually contact was made with Jim Flak of  Meadowsong and a trip to Wisconsin was made in the early spring of 1994. There we obtained a 2 yr old milker Cacique Tribe Cherokee Rose, a dry yearling Meadowsong Mars Julie, and a Feb kid Meadowsong Rainey Miko; thus starting the End of the Trail Farm Oberhasli Goat Herd.  

Carole & Duane Siders

640 Cement Avenue

Lagro, IN 46941

     End of the Trail Farm is located on a hillside in north central Indiana, just north of the Wabash River. Duane, myself and our 2 daughters, Judie and Penne moved here in 1985 and began establishing our mini farm dubbed "Old McDonald's Farm" by some, due to the many varieties of animals. In 1988 our interest in dairy goats was beginning and a pair of unregistered Toggenburg doe kids named Heather & Heidi came.  Later in the summer another doe kid, Holly, was added - all with horns. I tried to breed the does; but they were too small.