AB1952807 dob 3/23/18

  2018  CaptainNCoke came to us late June already 3 mos old riding east in a trailer on the way to the 2018 ADGA National Show held in Columbus Ohio. We were able to see his beautifully correct mother at this stop. He was driven 3 hours more crated in our truck calmly chewing his cud and occasionally standing to pee. Extremely socialized and seems to have never met a stranger. He has a level top line with a nice wide rump and excellent feet and leg set.  Beautiful red Oberhasli coloring and a gorgeous head.  Captain is young and immature am hoping to use him later this fall when he is ready.  Looking forward to seeing the improvements he can do for us next year.
  2019 Captain has grown long and tall with beautiful correct color, excellent width over the rump,  very calm disposition who loves attention, very excited to see what improvements he brings to this herd.
  2020 Captain added 2 daughters to this herd, both growing very well, and exhibit his long level structure, and width throughout,  very excited to see how they mature.  He is always cooperative loves attention and is looking handsome as ever. Getting very aromatic this early September.
  2021 Captain daughters showed extremely well at the Banks of the Wabash Show winning 1st place in 3 dry classes - junior kid, intermediate kid, junior dry yearling, and 2nd and RGCH Dry Yearling all in both rings.  Very impressed with his kids. Captain himself has grown tall and long and very powerful weighing in at 195#.  He is very cooperative and  comes running when called. Captain loves his treats, to be handled, brushed, talked to, anything for attention. 
 2022 Very pleased with his kids, they are easy birthing size, and grow very well, with length of body and strength on free choice milk. I have one new udder on Jiani's Joi, very pretty and functional, working on her picture to add.


Dam: Cream-of-Kansas Chatter Box AB1704313  
        2014 GCH Kansas State Fair  
        2017 2X GCH, 1X BOB Champion Challenge, 1X RGCH
        2018 1X GCH, 1X BOB Champion Challenge,  2X RGCH
        2018 Kansas State Fair RGCH                  
         2018 ADGA National Show 4th Place 4 yr old milker 3rd place udder
         2018 Embedded Youth Show 1st place 4 yr old 
              Embedded Youth Show Champion Oberhasli
     Dams Sire: Cream-of-Kansas Conager  AB1540659 
            2018 ADGA National Show Oberhasli  Premier Sire 
          Sire's Sire: Willow Run Cayenne Herod *B AB1194653 
                             LA: 05-04 EEV 90
          Sire's Dam: Cream-of-Kansas" TD Challie AB1350332
                             LA:03-00 VVVE 89
       Challie's Dam: Cream-of-Kansas Demon Chatter AB1704307
          Dams Sire: Cream-of-Kansas' Slick Demon  AB1503115
          Dams Dam: Cream-of-Kansas' ATB Chatter AB1314422
                             LA: 04-02 +V++ 84








Oberhasli Dairy Goats

Sire: Vanjust Lee Jaeger Bomb *B AB1844083
Sire’s sire: Luvruc VDS Enough Is Enough *B AB1760525
                     LA 02-05 VVV 87
 Sire’s Dam: SGCH Vanjust TA Bramble 3*M AB1546147

       2014 ADGA Nationals Show Reserve Best Udder
                  1st Place 3 yr old 1st udder
       2015 ADGA National Show Champion Oberhasli
                  Champion Oberhasli Udder
      2016 ADGA National Show Reserve Champion Oberhasli
                    1st Place 5/6 yr old milker
                   DHIR 1-10  276 1710 58 50

                            2-09 305 2430 86 68
                            3-11 291 2330 78 64
                            4-10 298 2180 72 59
                            5-11 303 2670 91 77 
                         2016  LA 05-04   EEEE 92