Oberhasli Dairy Goats

Dam: End-of-the-Trail Fenix 3*M AB1288616
   DHIR 1-11 282 1437 92 33
   LA 2006 VVV+ 84
Dam's sire: End-of-the-Trail Jus-Jay-Son AB1254414
   LA 3-03 87 VVV
Dam's dam: End-of-the-Trail YB Finessa 2*M AB1220233
   DHIR 2-01 224 1109 68 26
    2006 Fauna is very well grown dark bay, long and level, with excellent rear width in her escutcheon, excellent example of the Oberhasli breed.  As a senior kid she won a dry leg.
    2007 Fauna freshened with a fantastic udder, smooth attachment and lots of milk.  
    2008 she won a milking leg along with 2 other GCH's and she always placed in the top 3. 
    2009 she won 1st place 3 year old and Reserve Grand Champion in the District IV Oberhasli Specialty Show.  
    2009 Fauna won a Gold Bell Award for her 2008 milk production from the Oberhasli Breeders of America Club.  
    2010 Fauna won 1st place 4 year old and 2nd place 3 and under 4. 
    2010 Fauna won a Silver Bell Award from the OBA for her 2009 milk production.  
    2011 Fauna freshened with twin bucks and remains strong bodied with excellent milk production. She is 5 years old, her udder is high and tight and easy to milk. Her feet and legs are as strong as ever.  
    2012 Fauna looks great at 6 yrs old, she placed 1st at the Tri States Show in Van Wert and 2nd twice more in the aged doe class at other shows. Fauna was said to have "the best udder attachment overall" at the Van Wert County Fair.  
    2013 Fauna was shown 4 times and stood 1st place aged doe and Grand Champion all four times, 2X Best of Breed thus finishing her show season as a Permanent Champion.  She looked beautiful!  Bright color, excellent spring of rib, strong feet and angulation an udder tightly attached and full of milk, she blew the judges away when she walked into the arena.
​   ​​ 2014 Fauna is a beautiful 8 yr old doe, strong bodied, excellent milk production and ruling as the herd queen. She greets me every morning at the corner of the barn.  She was shown one time at the Van Wert County Fair Open.  She won 1st place Aged doe and Grand Champion Oberhasli, 1st place in all her group classes and Best of Show!  Very proud of her.  
​  2015 Fauna is 9 yrs old and aging gracefully. Her udder is level and productive, her body strong and correct.  She loves attention and when going on our goat walks, she leads the way.
 2016 Fauna is doing remarkably well at 10 yrs old, her udder is still attached high and fills up totally, Her feet and legs are strong and angular her topline smooth and well blended.  She came out of  retirement for the Indiana State Fair and won 1st place and 1st udder Aged doe and Oberhasli Champion Udder.

  2017 Fauna is 11 yrs old and it is decided to retire her from showing, she is milking very well and enjoying her time under the fan in the barn. Fauna deliverd twin bucklings who are doing well.  Due to problems with her pregnancy   Fauna will not be bred this fall.  

Sire: SG Tonka-Tails Col. Pemberton ++*B AB1208943
    LA 3-07 VEE 89
    ADGA Elite Sire 2007 thru 2012
  Sire's sire: SGCH Tonka-Tails Court Jester ++*B AB1004292
     LA 5-04 EEE 91
  Sire's dam: SG Tonka-Tails Mary Mary 11*M AB1119413
    DHIR 1-10 305 3270 109 95
              3-00 305 2890 95 86
    DHIR  1-11 305 2207 98 70
               2-11 291 2174 91 64
               3-11 268 2250 89 68
               4-11 280 2337 117 68
               5-11 309 2770 127 84
               7-00 282 2590 106 76 

               8-00 277 2331 76 73
               8-11 305 1920 76 57
             10-01 218 1508 68 44
              10-11 119 1037 36 28 (in progress)
          LA 3-06 VEVV 88 

          2015 LA VEEE 90 FS


AB1372765 dob 3/11/2006