Oberhasli Dairy Goats

Dam: SGCH Buttin’Heads Purple Rain 4*M AB1603977       
                               DHIR 4-00 278 2426 93 66
                                         5-00  224 1880 72 49  
                                            2014 LA VV+E 86

               2015 won GCH 5X’s, BOB 3X’x BIS 1X
               2016 won GCH 2X, 1X Reserve Best udder, 1X RGCH,

               2016 ADGA National Show  9th place 4 yr old         
               2018 ADGA National Show 6th place 5/6 year olds                                     2018 N Carolina State Fair 1st place aged doe and RGCH  
                2018  Maryland State Fair RGCH
    Dam’s Sire: Buttin’Heads Golianth *B AB1585744
            Golianth’s Sire: SGCH Cream of Kansas ItsAboutTime +B                                     AB1315681        2011 LA 7-02 VVV88  

              Golianth’s Dam: SG Buttin’Heads Fried Green Maters *M                                                      AB1458103
                                   DHIR: 2-11 247 2147 68 52
                                             3-11 233 1898 61 43
                                             2014 LA 6-01 EEEE 91
   Dam’s Dam: SGCH Buttin’Heads Sofia *M AB1458103
                                    DHIR: 3-11 233 1900 61 43

                                               7-11 246 1734 76 41
                                              2014 LA 5-05 VEVE 90

                                              2016 LA 6-02 VEVE 90
     2016 ADGA National Show 4th place 7 yr old, 3rd place Udder
               Sofia’s Sire: White Haven Tumnus +*B AB1406461
                                                2013 LA 6-04 VEE 91
                Sofia’s Dam: SGCH Buttin’Heads Oprah AB 1165871B
                                                2004 LA 4-03 VEVV 88


AB1756907 dob 6/13/2015

  2015 Gideon is a very correctly built youngster, Eye-candy for sure with his uphill front end and level topline, strong feet and legs on all four corners. Gideon born in June didn't get used much this year, he knows what to do and has the will to breed but his body is too immature to make it happen. He settled one doe late and got twin bucks.
  2016 Gideon is youngest of the bucks, this will be his year to prove his worth.  He has strong correct feet, nice angulation, smooth topline, good spring of rib with flat open spacing, and a calm easy going demeanor.   
  2017  Gideon gave us all buck kids this spring, he is growing well; very social and cooperative, hoping for his genetics to develop in some doe kids.  Probably didn't use him on the right does this time.
  2018 Gideon is 3 yrs old and very easy to handle and loves attention. He has given some very nicely built bucklings with rear width and length of body. A yearling market wether out of Gideon won Reserve Champion Heavyweight and Overall Reserve Champion Dairy Market wether at Wabash County 4H Fair. His Dam SGCH Buttin'Heads Purple Rain still gives me hope for some females in the future with awesome udders and style.
  2019 Gideon gave us very promising correctly put together doe kids which we retained 2 of for this herd. We are very excited to see how these kids develop. Gideon carries on being a calm very easy keeper who loves attention.​    He has become the alpha buck showing off his strengths without loosing his cooperative nature to humans.
  2020 Gideon is 5 yrs old and maturing nicely weighing in at 180#, His feet and legs are strong and correct, his disposition is nice to me and bossy to his pen mates. His kids show good chest width and smooth toplines, udders will come next year.  Once again another 2 of his daughters are retained.
  2021 Late May he left this herd weighing 195# and being his sweet manageable self after 6 years, miss him.

Sire: Heaven’s Hollow Major *B AB1643685
  Sire’s sire Heaven’s Hollow Toby Mac *B AB1559743
    Mac’s Sire: White Haven Tumnus AB1406461
                               LA 6-04 VEE 91
    Mac’s Dam: SGCH Heaven’s Hollow Jezebel 4*M AB1228652
                               LA 6-02 VEVE 91 FS
                        DHIR: 5-11 305 3780 131 115
                         Lifetime: 690 8210 320 260
  Sire’s Dam: Heaven’s Hollow Shiloh 6*M AB1481447
                               LA 4-05 VEVE 91
            2012 ADGA National Show GCH
    Shiloh’s Sire: Wyojem Conan’s Jeffery +B AB1342807
                               LA: 3-00 VEE 89
  Shiloh’s Dam: SGCH Heaven’s Hollow Shotsi 5*M AB1266576
                               LA 5-01 EEEE 91 FS
                          DHIR: 6-11 259 3690 114 112
                          Lifetime: 905 11100 352 337
             2008 ADGA National Show RGCH
             2009 ADGA National Show GCH