Oberhasli Dairy Goats

       DHIR: 0-10 278 1530 44 40 AR 2010
                   1-11 292 3030 87 76
                   2-11 260 2090 68 54 
                     LA: 03-03 90 EEEV
2014 Hoosier Classic won Champion Challenge and Best Udder
2014 Indiana State Fair Open Sr. Reserve Champion
2014 ADGA National show 3rd place 3rd udder  5 & 6 yr olds
          (20 shown in class)
   Dam’s Sire: SG Sir Echo Ceetu +*B AB1355976
                LA: 01-04 83 +V+ 
   Dam’s Dam: Sir Echo Zsazi 4*M AB1400252
        DHIR: 1-00 291 2000 46 51
                    2-00 305 2970 75 75 
                              374 3510 118 91
                    4-00 112 1310 36 31
                    LA: 04-02 87 VEVV
2014 I was fortunate to put a reserve on this buckling in January and he arrived as planned. We picked him up
at Hoosier Harvest when 7 days old, continued feeding him pasteurized milk and have enjoyed watching him grow. Heizie has socialized and bonded well always fitting right in with the kids; excited to add his genes for further improvements in our herd.  Heizie at 6mos is tall and long bodied with excellent shoulders and level topline; he has a deep jawline, tight toes and strong legs.

  2015 April Heizie is just one year old and is found already dead in the morning.  He bloated from eating fresh spring grass eaten in the night.   It must have happened really fast as he was fine at chore time the evening before.  His last born son End-of-the-Trail Heizie’s Jess is retained for the new genetics bloodline.

   Sire’s Sire: New Dreams JR Permafrost *B AB1600753
      Frost's Sire: New Dreams BH Jolly Rancher *B AB1467809 "DNA"
                     LA: 5-03 VEE 90
    Frost's Dam: SGCH New Dreams W Fudge Frosting 4*M AB1449039
                    DHIR 287 2280 82 67 
                        LA: 2-06 VEEE89
   Sire’s Dam: SGCH Haycreeks Xcited Sona 2*M AB1551553
       DHIR: 1-10 305 2050 89 73  
                        LA: 02-02 89 EEEE
    2012 OBA All American Sr Yearling
    2013 ADGA National  1st place 1st Udder 2 yr old milker
    2014 ADGA Top 10 for Butterfat and Protein
Sona's Sire: Brackett's Sunburst X-Cited *B AB14774153 "DNA"
Sona's Dam: SGCH Haycreeks Arrio Centerfold 1*M AB1436238  
                       LA3-05 EEEV 90


AB1676003 dob 3/20/2014