Oberhasli Dairy Goats

   In the year 2000 End-of-the-Trail Farm started on official DHIR Milk Testing in a circle test group. We have been on continuous test until the circle broke in 2011. At that time I continued on with the Owner/Sampler Program.  Continuous testing participation for 20+ years in 2021.
   We practice CAE prevention at birth, the kids are dried off and taken into our house to a plastic tote.  They are fed heat treated colostrum from a bottle and receive a tiny shot of BOSE. When bottle training is learned they go out to the separate kid barn to drink their pasteurized free choice milk from a lambar.  Kids are disbudded and receive a tetanus shot at 3 to 5 days old.  They are handled daily for socialization and our enjoyment as time allows. They are offered hay, grain and fresh clean water daily. The buck kids are castrated by banding at the 3rd or 4th week if not reserved and sold as 4H market wethers locally. The kids are vaccinated with CD/T at 4 & 8 weeks old. They remain in a separate pasture group until fall and then join the doe herd. 
   We try hard to prevent problems before they arise by keeping a watchful eye on each individual goat's behavior.  We have a rotational pasture system where the does are moved each week between 3 large pens. They are fed alfalfa or grass mixed hay in the barn and a twice daily ration of grain fed on the milk stand. Fresh water is available at all times. The does are wormed as needed and are given CD-T and BoSe injections for prevention. The herd is tested for CAE and has tested negative from 2006 thru 2013 using the Elisa test thru Washington State University.
  We tested in 2018 and again retested in 2021 this herd all had negative results as expected.