Oberhasli Dairy Goats

Dam: End-of-the-Trail Jayne Jami 6*M AB1857206                                         DHIR: 2-00 300 1076 33 28 
                            2-11 303 1978 88  3348        


Dam's dam; SG End-of-the-Trail Jette Jayne 5*M AB1585851
DHIR 2-00 304 1917 71 57
                          3-00 299 2180 75 65
                          3-11 310 2256 90 61
                          5-00 305 2250 77 64

                          5-11 670 3079 99 90 
                   Lifetime 1888 11682 412 337
                              LA 2-12 VEEV 89   
      Dam’s Sire: Haycreeks Spartan Redwing *B  AB1493868 
                           LA 5-09  VV+ 86


                 DHIR:   2-01 259 1449 54 39
Sire:  Buttin’Heads Gideon *B  AB1756907 
Sire’s sire: Heaven's Hollow Major *B  AB11643685 *DNA*
                     LA 03-05 89 VEV
 Sire’s Dam: SGCH Buttin’Heads Purple Rain 4*M AB1603977 

                    DHIR 4-00 278 2426 93 66
                             5-00 224 1880 72 49 
                                   2014 LA VV+E 86
                      2015  GCH 5X, BOB 3X, BIS 1X
        2016 GCH 2X, 1X Reserve Best Udder, 1X RGCH
       2016  ADGA National Show 9th place 4 year olds
     2018 ADGA Nationals 6th place 5&6 yr old milkers


AB2010139 dob 2/24/2019

  2019 Jazmin is well grown and loves attention having the very calm temperament of her dam and sire. She is correct in her chest and front end assembly,  strong feet and legs and width in her escutcheon. When Jazmin received her first haircut 3 months old she had an abundance of white hairs hidden on her sides due to an unknown copper deficiency. This of course found right before being shown at the Banks of the Wabash Show and was placed 3rd and 4th of 6 kids .  At the Noble County Fair show she placed 4th. She since has been given copper and has grown her beautiful color back. I will be watching to correct / prevent this in the future. 
  2020 Jazmin is keeping her color well now. She loves attention and is very cooperative when handled, loving her rear width in the escutcheon and maintaining her body capacity. 
  2021 Jazmin delivered strong healthy twins early in the morning ahead of me and fed them well.  Jaz refused to get on the milk stand for milking, eventually she did, but she never quite gave up wanting to care for her kids. Constantly watching and worrying after them even though separated.  Jaz at 2 yrs has grown well and has a  pleasing pretty shaped udder.  She was shown at the Banks of the Wabash Open Show placing 3rd of 5 two year old milkers in both rings. 
 2022 Jazmin freshened with twin bucks after a midnight ride to the vet with stuck kids coming at the same time.  all survived, after a few weeks her milk came in well and she was very cooperative.  
  She was bred to CaptainNCoke