Oberhasli Dairy Goats

Dam: End-of-the-Trail 2J Jazmine 3*M AB1288615P
     DHIR 1-01 257 1315 68 41
Dam's sire: End-of-the-Trail Jus-Jay-Son *B AB1254414
Dam's dam: End-of-the-Trail Sally's Joy 2*M AB1188045P
     DHIR 2-00 283 1551 89 36 
    Jette is medium bay with strong feet and legs, a long lean neck, open ribbing, calm disposition and a co-operative attitude. She freshened with a well attached very capacious udder.
    2007 She won the Platinum Belle Award from the Oberhasli Breeders of America Swiss Belle competition for her milk production.
    2008 Jette placed 1st in the Oberhasli milking competition and won 3rd place with 3rd udder at the Indiana State Fair just behind the grand and reserve grand champions. 
    2009 Jette was 1st place 4 year old and 1st place Dam and Daughter at the  District IV Oberhasli Specialty, the only show we were able to attend this year. She won her SG designation from ADGA.
    2009 Jette received a Silver Bell Award for her 2008 milk production from the Oberhasli Breeders of America.
    2010 Jette's milking ability keeps getting better. Her attachment is tight and her body strong. She won 2nd place aged doe both times she was shown.
    2010 Jette won a Gold Bell Award for milk production in the OBA.
    2011 Jette freshened with twin bucks, and still has excellent attachment at 6 years old. Jette has the highest milk production in the barn. Her tightly attached udder is proportionate to her size, she's quite the pretty package. 
    2012 Jette’s udder is still high and productive at 7 yrs; she is a favorite in this herd. 
    2013 Jette left us in the spring of this year after delivering twin doelings easily.  Her daughters are similar in appearance and style and remind me every day of how elegant she was to the end at 8 years old.  They will carry on her presence just as Jette did when her dam was lost at a young age.

Sire: SG Tonka-Tails Col. Pemberton ++*B AB1208943
    LA 3-07 VEE 89
    ADGA Elite Sire 2007 thru 2012
Sire's sire: SGCH Tonka-Tails Court Jester ++*B AB1004292
     LA 5-04 EEE 91
Sire's dam: SG Tonka-Tails Mary Mary 11*M AB1119413
    DHIR 1-10 305 3270 109 95
              3-00 305 2890 95 86
DHIR 1-10 304 2083 125 49
          2-10 304 2343 87 65
          3-10 305 2222 79 60
          4-10 293 2480 106 69                       
           5-10 278 2415 101 66 
           6-10 304 2822 108 79
            7-09 127 1146 41 30    
 Lifetime 1917 15517 648 418               
    LA / 2010 VV+V 88 FS


AB1333746 dob 4/14/2005