Oberhasli Dairy Goats

DHIR 2-00 304 1917 71 57
          3-00 299 2180 75 65
           3-11 310 2256 90 61
           5-00 305 2250 77 64
           5-11 670 3079 99 90
    Lifetime 1888 11682 412 337
LA 2015 2-12 VEVV 87
LA 2018 2-12 VEEV 89 FS
Dam: SG End-of-the-Trail Jazi-Jette 4*M AB1333746
    DHIR 1-10 304 2083 125 49
               2-10 304 2343 87 65
               3-10 30 5 2222 79 60
               4-10 293 2480 106 69
                5-10 278 2415 101 66
                6-10 304 2822 108 79
      Lifetime 1917 15,517 648 418
            LA – VV+V 88 FS
Dam’s sire: SG Tonka-Tails COL Pemberton ++*B AB1208943
           LA 1-01 VEV 89  
    ADGA Elite Sire 2007 thru 2012
Dam’s dam: End-of-the-Trail 2J Jazmine 3*M AB1288615P
           DHIR 1-01 257 1315 68 41 
   2012 Jayne is well grown, with nice width in the escutcheon and chest floor with excellent feet. At Michiana Dairy Goat Show she placed 2nd SR kid. She stood 1st place SR kid at the Tri-States Dairy Goat Show in Van Wert, Ohio.
   2013 Jayne has excellent body capacity and spring of rib, a very well grown dry yearling, long and strong with nice feet and legs.  She was shown 4 times placing 2X first, 2X 2nd and 1X Jr. Grand Champion winning her dry leg.   
   2014 Jayne has nice width in the chest and the escutcheon, a pretty round shaped very well attached easy to milk udder, she likes to eat and puts on weight easily  She won 2nd place 2 yr old milker all 3 times she was shown. Also won 1st place Produce of dam and Best three females with Jolene at Van Wert.
  2015 Jayne showed in the 3 yr old milker class and won 1st place and went on to win Reserve Grand Champion Oberhasli at the Michiana Show in Columbia City IN. This being the only show we attended. I just love to watch her proud correct prance across the barn floor; she holds her head just so nice.
  2016 Jayne is looking great at 4 yrs old very smoothly blended and uphill in profile, strong on her feet and legs, udder well attached and rounded when full.  Jayne won 1st place 4 yr old 2X at Michiana Open and Noble County open.  At Indiana State Fair she won 1st place and 1st udder 4 yr old and Oberhasli Reserve Champion Best Udder, also 1st place Mother Daughter and 1st place Produce of Dam and 3rd place Dairy Herd.
  2017 Jayne is at her best yet being 5 yrs old, shown at Cass County Open unofficially winning GCH and BOB in one arena and RGCH in the 2nd. At the Michiana Open she was 1st place aged doe and RGCH in both arenas, very pleased with her milking ability, maturity and ease of being herself.
 2018 Jayne freshened via a C-section and an injured shoulder from which she recovered but this hurt her milk production. She was shown at 2 open shows, at The Banks of the Wabash at Cayuga IN placing 2nd and then 1st place aged doe, then at the Noble County Fair open show she won 3rd place aged doe. Jayne is the herd queen an honor deserved, a beatuful sight to see her proudly walking in the pen. Her daughter End-of-the-Trail Jayne Gemma won 1st place Sr kid and Champion Dry Doe at the Cass County 4H show. 
  2019  Jayne is 7 yrs old and was a stay at home doe this season, meaning not shown.  She was not able to settle last fall for a reasonable freshening time and so was milked thru giving us milk all winter and still continuing on.    Jayne dried off in December finishing a 2 year lactation.  She is still looking gorgeous, tall and correct.
  2020 Jayne was 8 yrs old, breaks my heart to report we lost her the day after a c-section, she came down with listeria and it wasn't recognized in time to help her. Most likely overcome by the stress of the long process of the c-section and could not fight it off.   She was in hard labor for 7 hours waiting for the vet to help her in his office. She had mixed twins - the buckling survived, the doeling was in the birth canal and lost her life.  Sad sad day.


Sire: Haycreeks Spartan Red Wing *B AB1493868
    LA 5-09 VV+ 86
Sire’s sire: Haycreek Xcapade Spartan *B AB1460435
    LA 1-05 VE+ 85
Sire’s Dam: SGCH Haycreeks Arrio Roxy 4*M AB1336869
    DHIR 1-11 307 87 100 3200
              3-00 303 80 76 2820  Top 10 for milk 2008 / LA 90
              4-01 192 142 68 2680
     ADGA 2009, 2010, 2011 Elite doe list


AB1585851 dob 2/19/2012