Oberhasli Dairy Goats

Sire:  End-of-the-Trail Heizie's Jess *B  AB1765142 
Sire’s sire: Hoosier Harvest Heizenberg *B AB1676003  "DNA"
 Sire’s Dam: End-of-the-Trail Jacki's Jill 7*M AB1675160
                        2015 LA 3-14 ++V+ 83
                   DHIR 1-00 291 1688 62 50

                            2-00 170 1349 35 32 
  2018 Marigold has very nice length of body, and width in her escutcheon and across her rump,  correct feet and leg set.  She is well socialized and carries the breed character look of her "F" line genetics.   Marigold was shown at 2 shows, winning 1st place Sr kid and then Reserve Jr Champion at The Banks of the Wabash open show in Cayuga IN.  At the Noble County Fair show she won 2nd place Sr kid behind her herd mate Dusty both shows being official.     2019  Marigold has developed nice length and depth of body. She was shown at the Cass county open show where she stood 1st place dry yearling and Reserve Champion, then 2nd place in the 2nd arena.   At the Banks of the Wabash she was 2nd of 5 and then 1st of 5 and Reserve Champion in the 2nd arena. At Noble County she stood 2nd place dry yearling.  Excited to see her fresh, hoping for a complete package from her. 
  2020  Marigold is 2 yrs old and freshened with mixed twins, the doeling is retained.  She has a very nicely attached round udder that easily milks out to nothing.  She is easy going and quiet and loves attention.  No shows this year and no Linear appraisal, she would have been amazing at both of these. 
  2021  Marigold delivered mixed twins, both were sold, not enough room to keep them all. She is milking better than ever at three yrs old and loves to be first in the milking string.  She is very calm and laid back being cooperative in every way. Hope to have room for her doe kid next year. She placed 2nd and 3rd 3 year milker at the Banks of the Wabash Open Show out of 17 Senior does entered. In September at the Circus City Open Show Marigold won 3rd place three and four year old milker.
 2022 Marigold is 4 yrs old freshened with mixed twins the doe being doa, must have died being born, no adverse signs normal presentation, lifeless no reviving.  She came into milk very well is first in line and always cooperative, loves attention. Nicely attached udder with strong feet and nice agulation, has the best butterfat in the herd.
  She was bred to CaptainNCoke.




AB1925466 dob 2/12/18

Dam: SG End-of-the-Trail Mayflower 6*M AB1638874
DHIR 1-10 292 2226 89 64
                          2-09 310 2495 79 67 

                           3-09 305 2453 86 67
                              Sold as family milker
                           2016 LA 5-13 +VEV 84
        Dam’s Sire: Buttin'Heads Maxwell +*B AB1587717 "DNA"                              Dam’s Dam: SG End-of-the-Trail Fauna Faye 5*M AB1585847
                     DHIR 1-02 240 1209 70 38

                              2-00 312 2134 100 61 
                               3-00 43 264 13 36 (in progress)                                  
                                  2012 LA 2-12 AV++ 84


DHIR 1-10 296 1985 105
                          3-00 298 2302  86 67