Oberhasli Dairy Goats

Dam: SGCH Buttin’Heads Guinan 2*M AB1458102 *DNA*
                        DHIR 2-11 261 2250 72 53  
                     LA 03-04 91 EEEE  
    2012 ADGA National Show 8th Place 3 year old
    2014 ADGA National Show 5th place 5&6 year old of 20.
Dam’s sire: White-Haven Tumnus +*B AB1406461 *DNA*
                    LA: 2012 90 EEE
Dam’s dam: SGCH Buttin’Heads on the Fast Track 1*M          AB1382562      
                    DHIR 4-10 262 2270 71 64
                    LA 05-03 90 EEEV    
    2012 ADGA National Show 3rd Place, 2nd Udder 6 yr old
    2012 Maxwell was added to bring in more genetic diversity to further improve upon the width of body and shoulder correctness.  Max was picked up at Tom Rucker’s farm on Good Friday April 6, 2012 when 1 month of age. He is very calm and social, learning our kid routine easily. 
    He was chosen for DNA testing by ADGA in May with the results being that Maxwell is Maxwell; we had no doubt about that. Max has good length of body and good structure all around, hoping to further improve on overall width of body and shoulder assembly general soundness of structure and udder attachment without injury.
    2013 Max is a yearling and growing well. He has bright medium color, strong feet and pasterns, no scurs, a yearling’s scraggly beard, uphill stance at his shoulders and a great cooperative attitude.
   Max kids show improvement in the shoulders and width of chest floor, nice spring of rib and heart girth, and good width in the escutcheon. He is maintaining his socialization, he is still a sweet boy.
   2014 Max spent most of the summer in his pen alone and enjoying his independence and watching the kids in the next pen.  He has grown well and developed into a powerful buck, and he is still very cooperative to handle. His kids show improvement in chest width and more brisket, nice rear width, udders still to come.
  2015 Maxwell is 3 yrs old and maturing into a very handsome buck.  He has a nice big spring of rib, strong legs and a big uphill topline.  He loves attention and is very easy to manage. His kids show improvement in the front end width and shoulders. The daughters' udders are nicely attached with plenty of milk, star quality.
  2016 Maxwell at 4 yrs old is a very cooperative easy keeper. Nice uphill view from the side, nice shoulders, and width in the front end.  His feet are not the best but doesn't throw them to his kids.
  2017 Max throws good length of body and excellent milk production, his does could use more extention in the fore udder. He is looking good overall but a bit short in stature for a 5 yr old. Max continues to be an easy keeper.
  2018 Max left this herd in June he was 6 yrs old.  He did his job well always easy to handle but time for a change. His kids are doing great. 


Sire: Buttin’Heads Harpo AB1484245 *DNA*
                LA 03-04 89 VEV
Sire’s sire: White-Haven Tumnus +*B AB1406461 *DNA*   
               LA: 2012 90 EEE
Tumnus' sire: Tonka-Tails Viking Legend +*B AB1331920  
               LA 02-04 90 EVE
Tumnus' dam: GCH White-Haven Misty 1*M AB1123746  
               LA 06-02 90 VEEE   
          Lifetime 1235 10750 353 319  
   2005 ADGA National Show RGCH
   2005 ADGA National Show Total Performer 
Sire’s dam: SGCH Buttin’Heads Oprah AB1165871B
              DHIR 190 1000 40 25
               LA 04-03 88 VEVV
Opra's Sire: Meadowsong Merlot Apollo +*B B1068011
               LA 1-02 A+V 81
Opra's Dam: Buttin'Headas Calliope 1*M AB0857977
               LA 4-03 VVAA 80
          DHIR Lifetime 1839 15180 469 410


AB1587717 *DNA* dob 3/12/2012