Oberhasli Dairy Goats

Dam: SGCH Haycreeks Arrio Roxy 4*M AB1336869
   LA FS 90 VEEE
   DHIR 1-11 307 3200 87 100
              3-00 303 2820 80 76
              4-00 266 3110 157 89
   Top 10 for milk 2008 ADGA Elite Doe 2009, 2010 & 2011 2010
   2X Best of Breed as a 6 year old
Dam's sire: SGCH Cream-of-Kansas REM Arrio +B AB1317405
   LA 91 EEE
Dam's dam: SG Haycreeks SS Sue Rena 3*M AB1290094P
   DHIR 2-06 163 2200 45 60
   LA FS 80 +EEA 
Rena's sire: SGCH Haycreeks Ben Swinger +*B AB1202090
   LA 90 EEE
Rena's dam: SGCH Haycreeks Black Eyed Susan 2*M AB1234333P
    DHIR 4-00 291 3740 105 106  / LA 89
              5-00 305 2650 74 68 / LA 90 VEEE 
1st OBA Golden Bucket Award Winner 2007
Susan's Sire: SG Tonka-Tails Col Pemberton++*B

    We picked up Red Wing at his Minnesota home in June 2009. He was hand raised on pasteurized milk and the friendliest little guy imaginable. Andrea Strusz did a fantastic job of socializing him for us as requested. 
    Red Wing is well structured with open ribbing and length of body. His feet and legs are strong and straight with nice angulation. His head has nice breed character. He has grown ready for action with the does. I am hoping he blends well with the Col Pemberton does of our herd.
Red Wing kids are long and level with excellent feet and legs. They also have nice shaped heads and good breed character. 
    2011 Red Wing is mild mannered and easy to handle. Just what I wanted in a buck. His kids have length of body and better width in the shoulders. The udders are coming next spring. 
    2012 Red Wings deep bay coat shines healthy in the sunshine, a big strong bodied buck that is as friendly as can be.  His newly freshened udders are improved in the fore and smoothly attached. 
    2013 Red Wing at 4 years old has matured into a gorgeous buck with dark bay color and a long black beard.  He still has his nice easy going disposition and calm temperament. Wing has improved length of body and width across the rump in this herd and throws smoothly attached udders that make milk. He is sold and will be leaving us this fall to share his improvements in another herd. 

Sire: Haycreeks Xcapade Spartan *B AB1460435
   LA 1-05 VE+ 85
Sire's sire: GGG Aphroshrek Xcapade *B AB1411586
   LA 85 V+E
Sire's dam: GCH Haycreeks Starry Eyed Surprise 6*M AB1362909 
   DHIR 2-08 244 1370 34 39
             3-01 289 2199 81 71
   LA FS 88 VVVV
   2009 All American 3 year old.
Surprise's sire: Meadowsong Abner Abel +B B1298340
   LA 89 VEE
Surprise's dam: Haycreeks SR Sweet Tart 5*M AB1290083.
   DHIR LIFE 427 85 87 2920
   LA FS 88 VVEV
     LA 5-09 VV+ 86


AB1493868 dob 05/03/09